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headland Side Light Anne's Desire August on the Water Summer Vacation" Vespers Crux Short Cut Between the Seasons December Twilight Stillness Melting Land Fall the Subject is Love Two Views Love on the Rocks The Sound of Dreams Girl and the Sea Wharf Light Arbor Philosophica

I love going off with my art supplies and painting. It is also my great pleasure to share these images with you.

"Solo Show August 2017 at Richard Boyd Art Gallery

Peaks Island, Portland, Maine

Jane Herbert working on a plien aire piece in Bremen, Maine.

Jane Herbert working on a plien air piece in Bremen, Maine

Artist's Statement

I am a life long painter and, since the turn of the century, a resident of Damariscotta, Maine.  I live my dream painting where this continent meets the Atlantic. For my landscape work I use a straightforward, realistic style using thin layers of high quality acrylic paint. Whether reached by land or sea, working on location is my preference. Painting is my anchor to time and place while I work in an environment of relentless change and there is nothing else I would rather do.

I am motivated to publicly display and sell my work.  Patterns I observe in a specific place can bring to mind situations in life with new understanding and often that leads me to the title of a piece. The response of others completes the process connecting me to those who honor my work by bringing it into their lives.

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